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The brand story  

Alchemilla Leather is an artisanal brand of French leather goods offering unique bags combining leather and dried flowers. The idea for the brand and the bags came at the end of 2020. After several years in the field of luxury leather goods, entrepreneurship and becoming self-employed seemed obvious to me in order to share my ideas. After more than 1 year of research devoted to  development and implementation, the identity of the brand, its values,  it was in February 2022 that Alchemilla Leather was born. But why this name? Alchemilla is the Latin name of a plant and Leather . This name brings together perfectly the universe of the proposed bags combining vegetal and leather. 

Origin of products  

The origin of the products offered are mainly from France. The leather is purchased in Anjou from companies that only sell materials from "upcycling". What is uncycling? It is a way of recycling material from dormant stocks, in order to prevent it from being thrown away, we find a new life for it.  The flowers are picked and dried by hand. Raw resin and jewelry are purchased from French companies. Finally, the total manufacture of the products is artisanal, it is carried out in Anjou for the chauvinists, Angers for the curious. 

alchemilla leather
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Brand commitments  

It is important for the brand that all the materials used are as close as possible to the place of manufacture, so that there are the least CO² emissions used. For product packaging, everything is recyclable. Later in the development of the brand, products made from plant material will be offered in order to satisfy a wide audience. 

My story

I introduce myself, Melissa, and am the creator of the brand Alchemilla Leather. Originally from the Paris region, but since 2016 I have chosen to reside in Anjou. If I had to describe my professional career, I would say atypical and diversified. Holder of various diplomas obtained in fields such as Merchandising, Model maker / Prototypist, Florist and finally two diplomas and experiences in luxury leather goods. It is after 5 years spent in the field of luxury leather, that I decided to create my company in order to carry out my creations at the crossroads of several fields (vegetable and leather).

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